Collage of yellow FINE warning signs

OSHA penalties have increased again in 2018.  The Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvement Act of 2015 requires the Department to adjust its assessed penalty levels no later than January 15 of each year.

Fox Valley Safety & Training focuses on safety training to keep your safety program OSHA compliant.  However, we are also here to help when you have been saddled with OSHA citations and fines.  Check out our OSHA mitigation page.

OSHA’s adjusted penalties after January 2, 2018, are shown in the following table.

Regulation Type of violation Penalty amounts prior to Jan. 2, 2018 Penalty amounts after Jan. 2, 2018
§ 1903.15(d)(1) Willful violation, minimum $9,054 $9,239
§ 1903.15(d)(1) Willful violation, maximum $126,749 $129,336
§ 1903.15(d)(2) Repeated violation $126,749 $129,336
§ 1903.15(d)(3) Serious violation $12,675 $12,934
§ 1903.15(d)(4) Other-than-serious violation $12,675 $12,934
§ 1903.15(d)(5) Failure to correct violation $12,675 $12,934
§ 1903.15(d)(6) Posting requirement violation $12,675 $12,934