Fox Valley Safety can assist companies in navigating through the regulatory issues of an OSHA visit or complaint investigation at their worksites.

We specialize in the following techniques:

  • Facilitating proper responses to OSHA regarding their questions and requests
  • Providing guidance through the actual onsite OSHA inspection process
  • Clarifying your company’s rights within the law and how to protect yourself
  • Participating in OSHA closing conferences on behalf of your business
  • Negotiating abatement terms

Fox Valley Safety & Training has been very successful assisting companies who have been subject to an OSHA visit at their facility.  The relationship we have with the local OSHA offices has enabled us to provide guidance on how to properly represent your business through an OSHA visit.  We work to abate and reduce potential citations early-on throughout this process.

But we feel one of the best things for a company to do in order to eliminate or reduce the impact of an OSHA visit and the potential citations is to put together a comprehensive safety program that will address the potential issues that may trigger an OSHA visit at their site, which includes employee safety training, making sure their safety programs are properly updated and documented, provide the necessary services to identify potential hazards within the facility and then the abatement of those potential hazards so their workers will go home safely and hopefully throughout the workday not be exposed to serious safety or health hazards.

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