No First Aid Supplies? Ouch!

Dogs chasing delivery man

Sometimes, cliches — such as dogs chasing after unassuming mail carriers — exist for a reason.

My brother, Kevin, doesn’t work for the US Postal Service, but he does deliver packages for a living.  Recently he had a run in with a dog on his route.  The dog looked menacing, but it was tied up in the yard.  As Kevin approached, the dog pulled so hard on its chain that it came free.  In a split second the dog attacked, locking its jaw onto Kevin’s outstretched hand, leaving him with a gash that eventually needed 20 stitches.  Luckily, the owners were able to subdue the animal before any further injuries occurred.

OSHA’s CFR 1910.151(b) states, “Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available.” 

Was this the case for Kevin?  Nope.  His delivery truck was equipped with this….

Roll of brown paper towel

A roll of paper towels is NOT a first aid kit.  Kevin had to wrap his hand in unsterile brown paper towels to stop the bleeding until he got himself to the hospital.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States, and almost 1 out of 5 bites becomes infected.  Top that statistic off with inadequate wound care (dirty roll of paper towel that was rolling around on the floor of a delivery truck), and an infection is an even greater risk!  Kevin was fortunate — his wound healed without incident — but it could have been a lot worse just because he didn’t have the appropriate tools to administer first aid.

Does your company have the necessary first aid supplies on hand to mitigate your risks?  A missing first aid kit is obviously an issue, but if your kit looks like the one below, you are probably not compliant with OSHA’s regulation either.

Inadequate, dirty first aid kit

OSHA’s Best Practices Guide:  Fundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid Program, is a great resource to examine your program.

Fox Valley Safety & Training can also assist with your first aid needs.  We offer an on-site first aid service.  Our representative can review your current kits and make recommendations to ensure you are compliant with OSHA’s regulations.

Many other first aid services charge for visits and cleaning – we do not; you are only billed for the supplies added to your kits & cabinets.  And, our supply prices are more than competitive.  A recent price comparison showed us to be almost 50% LESS than a local competitor!

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