Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms present in blood that can cause disease in humans. Workers exposed to bloodborne pathogens are at risk for serious or life-threatening illnesses. Contact us today to ensure your team is up to date on the latest OSHA standards for how to handle bloodborne pathogen risks in the workplace!

Bloodborne Safety Training Includes:

Establish an exposure control plan
We help identify jobs or tasks in your environment where there may be exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials
Universal Precaution Training and Implementation
We’ll train your team on universal precautions for prevention, and how to report an exposure in the event of an accident.
Identify and use engineering controls
We’ll help develop and implement engineering and work practice controls
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Training
We can advise your staff on the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment
Establish Housekeeping Protocols
We can help you establish regular housekeeping protocols (including disposal) to keep your employees safe for the long haul.
First Aid/CPR Training & Certification
For those who provide First Aid, CPR, or responsible for clean up of potentially infectious materials we provide additional training on Hepatitis B, post exposure evaluation, and record keeping as well as complete First Aid certification.

For more information on OSHA regulations for Bloodborne Pathogens, please see their pathogen standard fact sheet.

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