Forklift Safety

Powered industrial trucks and elevated work platforms, commonly called forklifts or lift trucks, are used in many businesses to easily facilitate moving large materials. Used to raise, lower, or remove large objects, these powerful machines can cause significant risk to employees without the appropriate training.

Forklift Training Includes:

Safe Operating Instruction
Addresses the operating instructions, warnings, precautions, instrumentation, steering, maneuvering, and visibility of powered industrial trucks.
Operator Certification
Fox Valley Safety & Training can provide Forklift and Elevated Work Platform certification for your staff.
Maintenance Instruction
Includes the recharging or refueling of the different types of lift trucks, load stability, surface conditions, manipulation, stacking, vehicle-capacity, and inspections of the trucks.
Customer and/or Client Safety
How to drive near pedestrian traffic, restricted aisles, sloped surfaces, closed environments, and hazardous locations.
Brand Specific Training
Comprehensive training on additional operating limitations of different types of powered industrial trucks, as well as description and instruction of how to use any available attachments.

Please Note: After successful completion of the classroom training, a hands-on operator evaluation is required for each type of powered industrial truck used.

For more information on OSHA regulations for forklift protocol in the workplace, please see the forklift section of the OSHA website.

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