Lock-Out / Tag-Out Safety

Keep the machinery that powers your business safe! Energy sources including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, & thermal can be extremely hazardous to workers unprepared to use or service them. During regular use, servicing, or maintenance of machines and equipment, the unexpected startup or release of stored energy can have a catastrophic impact on employees if you don’t have appropriate protections in place. Let Fox Valley Safety & Training help you establish appropriate LOTO protocol today!

This training includes general information for affected and other employees, and specific information for authorized employees.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out Training Includes:

Control Procedures
We can provide information on the purpose and use of the energy control procedures for all employees.

For LOTO Authorized Employees:

Information on the recognition of applicable hazardous energy sources.
Type and magnitude of the energy available in the workplace.
Methods and means necessary for energy isolation and control.

For more information on OSHA regulations for lock-out/tag-out protocol in the workplace, please see the lock-out/tag-out section of the OSHA website.

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